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Foundation Exercises



7.00 - 7.45 pm

Beginners class covering the foundation movements of tai chi including Standing Meditation, Qi Gong Breathing, Silk Reeling and Pushing Hands

Tai Chi Form


7.45 - 8.30 pm

Beginners class where we build upon the foundation movements by learning the Laojia Form to expand our skills


Single session (45 minutes) - £6

Double session (2 x 45 minutes) - £10

Six consecutive double sessions (both classes each week) - £45 for 6 weeks


Getting There

The Green Man is located along the Bromley Road, making it easy to access by car, bike, bus, and is within walking distance of Beckenham Hill Station.

There are many major bus routes running past the door, including the 54, 136, 181, 208 and 320 which stop at the Green Man Community Hub stop, which is right outside the front door!

The 336 bus also stops very close by.

Cyclists can bring their bikes into the hall to keep them safe during the session.


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