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Chen Style Tai Chi

Lewisham Tai Chi was established in 2011 to continue the teachings of over 400 years of

development and refinement in the Chen Tradition.

The school originated in Devon in 2007 and moved with me to London (with only a slight change to the name [!]).


The class in Lewisham has found its home in Forest Hill Pools, Lewisham Hospital and

St Hilda's Church (Crofton Park) before finding a permanent winter residence at the Green Man.


Each summer we venture outdoors to enjoy the some of the parks we are lucky to have in the borough.

Through the years classes have been held on Ladywell Fields, Lewisham Park, Forster Park, and now on Beckenham Place Park, where we hope to stay for the foreseeable future.


The teaching of Chen Style has been passed through the generations for many centuries. I train solely

with Master Wang Hai Jun, who is an indoor student of Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei, and I

bring their teachings to Lewisham to share with all who wish to learn.


Chen Wang Ting

In around 1600 General Chen Wang Ting developed Chen Style Tai Chi

Chen Fa Ke


Wang Hai Jun

Wang Hai Jun is a renowned Master who was taught by Chen Zheng Lei, who I am privileged to call my Master


Matthew Seal


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Chen Fa Ke created the modern tai chi forms that we use today

I am the founder and principle instructor of Qian Kun Tai Chi

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