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Tai Chi on

Beckenham Place Park

The class usually moves onto the lovely Beckenham Place Park throughout the summer months (May - August), so we can train amongst the trees in one of the most tranquil spots in Lewisham. This year we are training on the park until the 11th March, every Saturday morning!


The sessions are held on the old golf course, near to the exit to Beckenham at the top of the hill (see Map).

The ground is quite flat yet the natural setting allows greater focus upon balance and coordination as we strive to maintain smooth, flowing movements across the grassy surface.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the following changes have been made this year:

Classes start at 10 am and there are two 45 minutes sessions each week. See Classes and Prices for a description of the sessions.


After the sessions there is a free pushing hands* meet up for anyone who would like to further their practice of this element of the syllabus.

*Pushing hands will not be practiced during the Covid-19 pandemic.


We highly recommend that you travel to the park by bus, train or bike:

   - The 54 bus stops at 'Highland Croft' at the top of Beckenham Hill Road. From there you can access the park

     via a path.     

     The 136, 208, 181 and 320 buses stop nearby on the Bromley Road.

   - There is also a train station at either end of the park, Beckenham Hill and Ravensbourne being the most convenient, with Beckenham Station not being too far away either.

- Parking is available at the park. For current prices click here.


Images from the Parks

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