Chen Style Foundation Exercises

Tai chi foundation exercises are suitable for anyone of any age and ability.

You do not need to have practised tai chi before or know any of the movements as they are explained each time, however, continued practice of these exercises allows deeper insight into the dynamics of the body's movement and greater control over it.

Each session lasts for 45 minutes and contains the following elements:

We complete a whole-body warm up routine at the start of the class in order to relax the body, loosen the joints, and stretch out the muscles, so tai chi can be experienced fully.

The standing meditation is practiced to focus the breathing, relax the body, and align the posture whilst concentrating on making the body soft, loose and heavy. Qi gong breathing further develops these elements whilst moving in simple patterns.

Each week we explore silk-reeling, stepping or pushing hands exercises to hone the body movements for chi circulation and to form the basis for the form work and applications.

All of the exercises can be adapted to suit beginners, intermediate and advanced level practitioners and students do not have to master the foundation level before moving on to the Laojia Form class.

The video is my Master, Wang Hai Jun, performing a

single hand silk-reeling exercise.

Laojia Form